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My name is Deborah and there are many titles which apply to me – Christian, woman, wife, mother, grandmother, pastor’s wife, friend, writer, teacher, and now, college president’s wife.  

My Christian walk began when I was six years old and my newly-saved mother lead me to the Lord. The message in church that morning had been on the reality of hell, and while I did not understand all of the theological implications of salvation, I did understand that I was a sinner and could not meet the standards of a holy God.  To this kid who was already a thief and liar, the wonder of a perfect Savior taking my penalty for sin was amazing.

From that time on I had the privilege of attending a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church and attending Bible camp as a youth. During camp when I was 10, God spoke to my heart about being willing to serve Him – missionary, pastor’s wife, teacher, nurse – whatever He wanted – and after a struggle with my fear and selfishness, I said yes to God’s prompting

After graduating from a Christian college with a degree in education I met my husband who was preparing for the ministry.  We have been married for almost 35 years, and in full-time ministry for 25 of those years.  God has blessed us with five now-grown children and two grandchildren.

God has given me both a burden and an opportunity to counsel many ladies over the years. Lately, I have been burdened to write about issues that women face.  Over the years I have made many mistakes – mistakes in my walk with God, mistakes in my marriage, mistakes in parenting, and mistakes in ministry.  God has allowed me to live through many seasons of life and I would dearly love to help other ladies avoid some of the painful difficulties that I encountered through my ignorance and willfulness.

Because of this burden, I will primarily focus on addressing woman’s issues in spiritually-based posts (and the occasional fun post from family life.) Thanks for sticking with me!

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